Ask Trendi, Volume 4

July 13, 2007 at 3:36 pm 1 comment

Wow, I’ve been slacking on the “Ask Trendi” posts. Sorry ’bout that. But here’s one for today! I’ve had a lot of career-wear related questions, so we’ll focus on answering those for “Volume IV”.

1) I work in downtown San Francisco and walk a lot. What are some shoes that are comfortable enough to walk in and still look pulled together enough for my business-casual office?

GREAT question. I have dealt with the same problem and in Seattle, 3” heels don’t “play nice” with the hills and rain. Here’s a few options:

This is a totally basic flat and comes in Pewter, Black, and a yummy red. They are a little un-sexy but are soft and flexible, and the price won’t break the bank. Only $89.95 at Nordstrom.

If you’re a little more gutsy and want some punch, I would go for these Sigerson Morrison silver metallic flats (shiny, but not TOO shiny) also available at Nordstrom for $260.

If those would do some irreversible damage to your wallet, and you like the metallic trend, I would buy these $59.95 B.P. flats instead.

If you’re a gal like me, and you love heels, I highly recommend Cole Haan shoes. Most of their ladies heels use Nike technology so they are comfortable and your feet aren’t left aching at the end of the day. Honestly, though, you do sacrifice a little bit of the sexy-shoe factor but not so much that you feel like you’re wearing orthopedics.

These Cole Haan Ambrose Air Pumps are $275 from Saks. The price is totally worth it.

One other option for Fall are these gorgeous Cole Haan boots. If someone wants to buy these for me, I won’t stop you. I want these…badly. $495 at Saks.

2) Most laptop bags are made by guys, for guys. They’re gross. What are some cute options I can tote my laptop in without ruining my outfit? Oh, and it’d be great if I could use them for other things than just my laptop.

I second your opinion on most laptop bags. Most of them are made out of “ballistic nylon”…which I think is used for bullet proof vests or something. It seems like some James Bond wannabes made the standard laptop bags imagining they’d need to use them for shielding bullets. Right.

Anyway, what you need is a good, roomy purse to keep your laptop in. First, I’d recommend buying a cushy sleeve to house your laptop in before you put it in a purse. Even though that’s my advice, I personally don’t adhere to it so take it for what it’s worth.

I like this DKNY satchel. It’s 16” long by 13” high so that should fit most smallish laptops. It has a full zip closure which is important if you carry a lot of random crap in your purse/laptop tote like I do. It’s $395.

This Kooba tote MIGHT fit your laptop, depending on the size. I love the soft gray, but it also comes in cream. $645 at Neiman.

Now if you’re looking at those prices and saying to yourself, “Yeah, those are GREAT bags but they seem expensive”, let me help justify it for you. (I’m so good at helping people justify spending money.)

Look at it this way. You’re carrying that bag just about every day. You use it for work purposes AND you can use it as a regular handbag. It’s not just a random handbag that only “goes” with one or two things- you’re using it DAILY, my friend.

If the price is really killing you, then I’d suggest going for something modern (but a little more laptopish) and inexpensive like this Diane Von Furstenberg tote available (on sale!) at Macys for $49.99

3) I have my nose pierced and my friends tell me I should take it out for job interviews, but I don’t think I should have to. If someone is going to judge me based on my piercing then I don’t want to work for them anyway.

Um, ok. Honey, take it out. Do you want a job? Yes? Then take it out.

Unless you’re interviewing at a tattoo/piercing parlor, take it out. I speak from experience.

Have a great weekend!


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