Sunglasses & Bathingsuits

June 25, 2007 at 9:26 am Leave a comment

Ah, 2 things I really don’t like shopping for.

Sunglasses are hard to buy because I feel like out of every 20 pairs I try on, I MIGHT like 1 and even then, I don’t really ‘love’ them.

Bathing suits are difficult for 2 reasons. 1) Bathing suits go on sale in February or something ridiculous. 2) February is right after the binge-eating-and-drinking holiday season and also in the dead of winter so I’ve been out of the sun for months and months…You get the point. I usually feel like curling up in a ball and crying in the dressing room.

But now that it’s almost July, I guess I need to crack down and actually start looking for these 2 items.

I’ll start with bathing suits.

One piece suits with serious cut-outs are supposed to be hot for this summer.

Some look good:
I love this MICHAEL Michael Kors suit, available at Nordstrom. It’s classy, sexy, and flatters the body by not cutting in too much on into the front. The halter neck-line is always flattering.

And a some look not-so-good. This looks like it might fall off at any moment (available at American Apparel) and is unflattering because it cuts in too much into the front and the straight-across neckline makes her look wider than she really is.

I like the idea of the cut-out bathing suit, but it has to be done right, or you may end up looking larger than you really are. You definitely don’t want the suit pinching you where you have an extra inch or two. Make sure the cutouts emphasize your best areas.

As for sunglasses, check out OC Shades. They’ll show you some of the styles celebs are wearing. It also helps to see sunglasses on someone’s face if you’re buying online too.

These would be a ‘no’ for me:
(Why does poor Fergie’s face look so bloated? I think Paris stole these sunglasses from Magda in “Something about Mary”)

These would be a ‘yes’ for me:
(Love the size of the aviators on Ashley O and the black glasses on Jessica are so classic.)



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