Jimmy’s Acting Debut

June 8, 2007 at 6:26 pm Leave a comment

We’re so trendi that Jimmy may actually be in a movie tonight.

How did this happen?

6:01pm: We hear screaming downstairs. Like hard-core yelling, I-hate-you!, f-bomb screaming.
6:02pm: Jimmy yells “SHUT UP!” through the hole in our floor. (Oh, didn’t know we had a hole in our floor? You haven’t read enough posts on the blog.)
6:15pm: 2 women walk upstairs, one of them in a little earpiece/headset/I’m the assistant type thing. They asked if we were disturbed by their production.

Next thing you know, Jimmy dazzles them with the new haircut and they ask if he wants to be in the movie. Well, when I say “be in the movie” I mean “we need extras for a big scene.”

So if we’re lucky, we’ll see Jimmy in the indie film “The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle” (Seriously, that’s the name. Didn’t make that up. And don’t even ask what it’s about…something to do with dudes getting pregnant from cookies and giving birth to electric blue fish through their butts.)

And to think…I knew Jimmy when he was just the CEO of Trendi.


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Wow, Friday already? Kuukivi

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