The art of the hunt (and kill)

May 16, 2007 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

If you listen to typical phsyco-babble, men are traditionally the “hunters” and women are the “gatherers” (whatever that means.)

I think what most psycho-babblers fail to realize is the amount of hunting and killing that goes on in shopping. Yes, I said shopping.

We’ve heard about the fighting that goes on in stores like Filene’s Basement for the yearly bridal gown sale. ‘Friends’ even did a parody of it in which Rachel panicked so much she hid under the rack of dresses. While that is not the typical occurrence on a regular shopping trip, there is always the element of the hunt (searching for the item) and the kill (buying the item).

I had one of those shopping trips last night. While this trip wasn’t for clothes, the same principle applies.

The Hunt Begins…

I had it in my mind that I needed a new phone. I had this ghetto Nokia 9300 (it wasn’t totally useless, but it was about the size of a brick and had its quirks.) and knew I wanted something different. I headed to the Cingular…I mean AT&T…store and started playing with the phones. I narrowed my choice down to the BlackBerry Pearl in Red.

The Kill Beings…
I knew I wasn’t qualified for the lowest price on the phone (I am 16 months out from my next ‘upgrade’) so this is where the kill started. The sales girl was really friendly and somehow she said she’d give it to me for the lower price and I jumped on it. (Yesss!)

The most satisfying part of the kill was 3 people came in after me asking for the same phone. Too bad for them- I walked out with the last BlackBerry pearl.

Let me take a “girl moment” to freak out and say it’s soooooo cute! I friggin LOVE YOU, BlackBerry!

I am so excited for Trendi to launch because then I can “hunt and kill” online too. I love searching for new, exciting designers and fashion.

See? Women ARE hunters. 🙂


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