Every girl’s fantasy

May 11, 2007 at 7:41 am 1 comment

Tall, dark…pretty.

I’m not talking about a person. I’m talking about my dream closet. It would have tall ceilings, dark wood, and pretty clothes. I think every woman has a dream about yanking every item out of her closet, throwing it into a huge bonfire (dancing around the bonfire for a second while she watches a pair of jeans she never quite liked become engulfed in flames) and then taking her American Express card and doing some VERY serious shopping damage. And while she’s doing her shopping, California Closets is over at her house gutting her closet and making it a slice of organizational heaven. (My closet, for example, has this WEIRD back corner that I can’t put anything in, but could probably house 3 Somalian children in. Very poor closet layout.)

If I could do an extreme makeover on my wardrobe I would purchase very high-quality ‘classics’: a LBD (little black dress), few very nice handbags, a few well tailored pants and shirts, a classic tan trench, a killer leather jacket, and probably some other basics I can’t think of right now. THEN I would go buy ‘filler’ pieces (tees, tanks, skirts, sweaters) in colors that looked great on me. I would then spend the rest of my money on very fashion forward accessories and clothing. I’d have to replace these pieces every few months, but that’s OK because in my fantasy world, there is no budget.

While I can’t quite live out this fantasy in the real world yet, I will be able to live it out online on Trendi. And for that, I am VERY excited especially since I’ll be able to share my online ‘dream’ closet with my friends and family and drop not-so-subtle hints about what I’d like for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Memorial Day…whatever.

And as always, if YOU want to help me build my real world dream closet, let me know. I am open to using your credit card to fund this dream.


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Calling all Designers! I am so original

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  • 1. Marie  |  May 11, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    I’m registered at Barneys for all Memorial Day gifts. You’re more than welcome to join in my venture.

    I’ve always believed that if any holiday is legitimate enough to get PTO vacation time, its totally legitimate enough to celebrate with gifts of the clothing variety.


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