Fashion color trends for Spring 2009

Pantone released this a while ago, but I love posting the anticipated color trends so here you go!

Pantone Color Trends Spring 2009

Pantone Color Trends Spring 2009


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I hate my jeans

Hola Bitches-

I haven’t written in a loooooong time. But I felt the urge to start writing again and I bet you’re pretty excited, right? 🙂

So my topic today is: I hate my jeans. I hate them so much I want to dump them all and go on a jeans spree, but honestly can’t afford to do so.

WHY do I hate my jeans? First, most of them don’t fit me properly anymore. I have lost a few pounds in my waist and butt and everything is kinda saggy. Technically this is a good problem to have, but in all honesty it SUCKS when I’m getting dressed and all my jeans feel like they have saggy, poopy butt.

The second reason I hate my jeans is because of the wash. I feel like all of my jeans are super casual with some fading of some sort. I have one pair of jeans from Zara (God, please open up a Zara in Seattle. Thanks.) that I do love- skinny and super dark wash, but even with these I have a mild hatred because one of the seams is f’ed up on the left leg so it’s constantly twisting…that makes no sense, but trust when I say it’s annoying.

The third reason I hate my jeans is because they’re all so NORMAL. Skinny, boot cut, wide leg, flap pockets, blah blah blah. I’m looking for something different and exciting, but totally wearable.

Today I’m wearing a pair of Rich & Skinny jeans, cuffed a few times (because I felt like it). The only reason they’re staying up is because I belted them and they’re OK but ugh. I’m looking at them right now and want to change.

Are any of you with me? Any suggestions for new jeans to try? I’m always looking for new brands.


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Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds!

I like to be current on trends with fashion and jewelry and realized I was NOT up-to-date on diamonds.

Fortunately, I met Melissa, the Operations Director at Abazias. Abazias sees a lot of diamond sales through their website and watches for trends within the diamond industry. I asked Melissa to share a few diamond trends with me and she kindly agreed.

Did you know…

Some women prefer to rub, smear, or paint diamonds on themselves? Sounds nuts? It’s not. Diamond dust is cropping up in a plethora of beauty items from foot files to nail polish to face scrubs. Creme de la Mer has a facial treatment that has sea quartz and diamond dust mixed in. If anyone wants to be a really, really great friend- get me this facial.

Did you know…

As much as we think we change, we just stay the same? Melissa said the most popular cut for diamonds is STILL the round brilliant cut. She did say that it was nice to see more obscure cuts, like the Trillian cut, make their way to the top part of the list.

Did you know…
Fancy colored diamonds aren’t just for Kobe Bryant’s wife? Canary yellow diamonds are increasing in popularity for “regular” people. (I recently lusted over a pair of canary yellow princess cut studs. I loved the warm color against my skin.) Melissa said a lot of celebrities want to be on the ‘cutting edge’ of jewelry trends and prefer to buy more rare colors (she mentioned Beyonce’s diamond choices) and those trends inevitably trickle down to the masses. (This might totally give away how much MTV and E! I actually watch, but wasn’t Heidi’s engagement ring from Spencer on The Hills almost a replica of the one Kobe Bryant gave his wife?)

Did you know…
Diamonds don’t have to be just gifts or engagement rings? I’m sure you “knew” that, but some of you gals are still waiting for someone else to buy you a diamond. Ladies, don’t wait! Melissa showed me these rings on Abazias and they’re all under ~$1000.

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Melissa for taking the time to talk with me!


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High waisted jeans violate my morals and my bellybutton.

I’m REALLY not a huge fan of high waisted jeans. Reasons why:

#1) The odd diaper-esque way everyone’s butt and front butt look in them (EVEN IF you’re 95 pounds, you’ll still gain a front-butt in these jeans)
#2) The way I imagine they would irritatingly rub against the bellybutton ring I have in as a memorial to being 18 and carefree.
#3) I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a satisfying meal for fear of looking extra bloated.

The Fug Girls, while covering NY fashion week said “Call us crazy, but if high-waisted jeans looked like crap on us and everyone else the first time, why should we take a ride on that rickety, stank-ass bandwagon now?”

But my dear friend Marie asked:

“I’m looking for a good pair of mid to high-rise jeans that are lighter in weight, and light in color. This pair (below) by J Brand caught my eye, but I’m looking for other options to compare before I purchase.”

I can put my dislike for high-waisted denim aside to help a friend in need. 🙂

If you MUST go high-rise, opt for a wide leg (trouser-cut or flare). The wide leg will balance the shape so it’s more angular and less pear-ish.

Just to show an example of how atrocious high-waisted, skinny leg jeans can look ON A MODEL, witness the horror:

I’m sure this model weighs about 96 pounds soaking wet, but it looks like she pulled on a pair of black tights over a diaper. Ick.

SO, now that we all understand THOSE won’t work, here’s some jeans that might. I ordered them from most expensive to least expensive.

Kasil, $213
These Kasil Jeans (Chelsea, $213 at TrueJeans) jeans are mid-rise with a trouser cut. They have dark stitching and minimal accents.

Back pockets are soooo critical on jeans. Here’s the pockets for the Kasil jeans. Even though they are ‘trouser’ pockets, they keep the outline of where the pocket is so the butt doesn’t look like a denim ocean.

Jenny Jen, $181

I like these just because of the name. Ha. Anyway, these are a higher-rise, light-wash, light-weight jean. $181 at ShopBop.

Pine IV, $176
These Kyoto jeans from Pine IV have a lighter, more distressed wash. If you didn’t know, Pine IV is a local Seattle area company. They’re the anti-low rise jeans and make their jeans 100% Butt-Cleavage free. They have a back-flap pocket and are more casual. (TrueJeans)

Dittos, $165
These look a bit awkward to me (might be the key chain hanging from one of the belt loops?) but if you like the lighter wash and something true to the 70’s feel of high-rise, wide-bottom jeans, you might like these jeans by Dittos.

Citizens of Humanity, $161

For something more casual, Citizens of Humanity has a high-rise jean with a boot-cut leg. It comes in a dark wash and more of the ‘classic’ lighter Citizens wash. $161 at Saks.

7 for all Mankind, $143
And finally, an oldie but a goodie, 7 for all Mankind has a wide leg, high-rise jean. (It’s amazing to think how 7 for all Mankind reworked the way most women thought about denim prices.) $143 at Saks.

Happy high-rise shopping!


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Hot Colors- Spring 2008

Pantone says,

Refreshing splashes of invigorating brights punctuate
classic, versatile neutrals as designers offer a playful
spring palette for endless exploration and creative
combinations. Variations on popular colors such as
energizing red, cool, waterborne blue and eco-friendly
greens also play a key role this season.

“The spring ‘08 color palette perfectly reflects the
cheerfulness of the season,” said Leatrice Eiseman,
executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.
“Stabilizing neutrals combined with pops of brighter
colors to create unique, distinctive looks are the basis
for a great spring and summer wardrobe.”

And here are the top colors Pantone picks for fashion next Spring. I like Cantelope and Snorkel Blue.

The words are a little blurry, so here’s a list of the colors names and Pantone numbers:

Golden Olive (16-0639)
Spring Crocus (17-3020)
Rococco Red (18-1652)
Pink Mist (13-2805)
Croissant (16-0924)
Freesia (14-0852)
Cantaloupe (15-1239)
Daiquiri Green (12-0435)
Snorkel Blue (19-4049)
Silver Gray (14-000)


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Fashion Must-Haves, Spring 2008

Curious what designers pick as the “must-haves” for Spring 2008? (I know I’m more worried about which coat to buy for winter, but it doesn’t hurt to think about Spring.) Here are designers’ “must-haves” for Spring 2008. Enjoy! 🙂

Spring 2008 Must-Haves:

A cotton Snow White masculine jacket — Akiko Ogawa

Chartreuse, multilayer, double satin-faced organza mini dress — Alexandra Lind for Alfred Fiandaca

Pink sparkle tulle tutu dress — Betsey Johnson

Ashes of Roses and Steel Gray cocktail dress — Bill Blass

A Lime evening dress — Carlos Miele

Chambray ruffled lace cocktail dress — Carmen Marc Valvo

My Chocolate leather bomber jacket – great to be worn with anything and everything — Charlotte Ronson

My silk chiffon blouson which can be worn as a blouse or a poolside cover up in Bougainvillea — David Rodriguez

Hand-painted chiffon blouse in a tunic length — Dennis Basso

A three-tiered skirt of Aubergine and Black silk net — Doori Chung for Doo.ri

White sunburst pleated tunic — Douglas Hannant

Belted dresses, shirt jackets and skirts — Elie Tahari

A cotton/silk sundress with tribal geometric embroidery in Midnight Sea and Citrus Shock — James Coviello

Black-laminated, oxford, high-waisted mini with satin details — Jenni Kayne

A pleated, high-waisted executive dress that is Cocoa with vibrant accents — Kai Milla

Cocktail dress in Ocean Teal — Laura Poretzky for Abaeté

A Burnt Coral banded dress because it is the perfect blend of casual elegance — Lela Rose

Patchwork shift dress in Sea Foam shades — Luca Luca

Flamingo Pink silk jersey dress — Michael Kors

A sexy, plunge-neck romper in a graphic print of Vibrant Orange and Curry — Nanette Lepore

Silver metallic leather bomber jacket — Pamella Roland

Tomato Red lacquered cotton top — Peter Som

A dress in solid, vibrant colors or in floral prints — Reem Acra

The deep-back, relocated sleeve, cropped jacket in Safari — Tia Cibani for Ports 1961

1930s bias slip dress in Peacock swirl — Tracy Reese

A volume skirt in Sonic Green — Waleed Khairzada for Cynthia Steffe

The Miss Sixty “Madeline” dress – a sexy, glamorous dress with a bold, all-over logo print done in a very Pop Art style — Wichy Hassan for Miss Sixty

Lemon Yellow silk chiffon dress with capelet and rosette detail — Y&Kei

My raw-drape tee in Lemongrass — Yigal Azrouël

Bernini cloud gown in Aurora Borealis — Zac Posen

(Source: Pantone Spring Color Report)

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Celebrity Lookalikes…or not.

I just found this site, Splitting Images, and HAD to share it. It’s a site to find celebrity lookalikes. It doesn’t have too much to do with fashion, but I thought you’d enjoy it.

Some of the worst:

Jennifer Lopez (I’m sure the real J-Lo would kick your butt for thinking she’d wear a COMFORTER as a dress-thingy.)

Angelina Jolie

Cameron Diaz (Like a creepy psycho killer version of Cameron Diaz)

Madonna (Seriously…this must be a mistake.)

Tom Cruise (LOVE the flame background.)

Some of the best:

David Beckham (Helloooo, Becks!)

Fergie (Not the Pea)

Justin Timberlake (Not that bad!)



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